Barnett Team


Tom Barnett

 Tom Barnett is a graduate of the Air Force Academy, received his MBA from UCLA and served as a fighter pilot in Vietnam. He is married to Georgia and they have 2 children. Tom opened his first Burger King restaurant in 1980 and has never looked back. Tom is proud to be part of the Burger King system. Tom and his partners were responsible for the development and growth of the twenty-four Good Egg and Eggery Restaurants in AZ until that concept was sold in 2014. Tom surrounds himself with great people in order to run operationally superior restaurants profitably. 


Shelley Krispin


Shelley Krispin joined the organization in 1984 and became a partner in 1991. She oversees Operations, Development, and Finance.  Shelley serves on Burger King Corporation’s Marketing Council.  Her past service includes Burger King Corporation’s Excellence Council, President of the Southwest Franchise Association and a Board Member of the National Franchise Association. Shelley earned a B.S. in Accounting and a M.B.A. from Arizona State University.


Shane Jacobs

Shane Jacobs oversees the daily operations of Barnett Management’s Burger King restaurants in Arizona. He began his Burger King career as a 16 year old, working in the kitchen. Shane serves on Operations Council, a national Burger King Corporation committee of top franchisees that advise BK in operational decisions.  Shane also serves on Burger King's Image Committee that determines the interior and exterior look of Burger King restaurants.


Brad Flahiff

Brad Flahiff has been with Barnett Management since 1985. What began as a high school job became a career. Brad is currently responsible for finding and acquiring new Burger King sites and building new, state-of-the-art restaurants. Brad received his MBA from ASU and has one son, Nicholas.


Tonya Scott

Tonya Scott joined the organization in 1987.  Tonya worked in clerical and bookkeeping functions until 2000 when she became the HR Director.  Tonya earned a BA in psychology in 1995 from Arizona State University and an MAHR from Ottawa University in 2009.  Tonya is a member of SHRM and has been an active participant in the GPULYP.